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Adobe Flex: Creating a project – Part 3

Creating a Flex project and your first application Now that we have seen how Flex builder looks lets start with creating our first flex project

Creating a project A project is a grouping of resources that make up a flex application

When a Flex project is created a number of files and folders are automatically created as follows:

  1. bin-debug folder: where your compiled applications resides

  2. html-template folder: where the html wrapper page resides

  3. .settings folder: where some configuration file resides

  4. .actionScriptProperties, .flexProperties and .project files: project configuration files

  5. src folder: All the MXML files, actionscript classes, assets reside inside this folder

  6. libs folder: where custom class files reside

  7. A main application file

Step 1: Select File > new > Flex project

Specify output folder. The default is bin-debug folder

Choose project build paths

The main MXML application file looks like this

Using the main application file

  1. The main application file contains the container set tag

  2. Each application can have only one associated application file

  3. The layout property is given the absolute value the first time you create an application

  4. Flex builder will retain your last layout selection for future applications if not specified.

  5. also If you do not specify the layout property, the layout will be vertical by default

Running the application file

Run the application by clicking the Run button. Run button is the green button on the top panel

What exactly happens when you click the run button?

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