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Adobe Flex: Flex Builder – Part 2

Understanding Adobe Flex Builder

Adobe Flex Builder is eclipse based development tool enabling:

  1. Intelligent coding that included editors like MXML, ActionScript, CSS, XML.

  2. Interactive step-through debugging and code hinting

  3. Rich Visual layout

  4. Visual UI and behaviors

  5. Interactive data visualization

  6. Skinning and styling

Flex builder consists of workbenches which refers to the flex builder development environment. The Flex builder workbench contains three primary elements

  1. Perspectives

  2. Editors



Perspectives are one of the element of Flex builder workspace. Perspectives includes combination of views and editors that are suited to perform certain set of task.

Flex builder has two default perspectives

  1. Development

This area is the development workspace and is used for code level development.

  1. Debugging

This area is used for debugging the code.

Flex builder can have other perspectives if we are using plug-in configuration, like java.


An editor is the visual component in the workbench that is typically used to edit or browse the resource.

Flex builder Editor is where files of various types are edited in either

  1. Design mode

Design mode consists of visual components, which can be dragged , dropped and used.

  1. Source mode

Source modes is used for hand coding.


A view supplies support tool when modifying a file in editor. Flex builder workbench consists of the following views

  1. Navigator view

Navigator view allows you to manage files, folders and projects

  1. Problems view

Problems view show errors in your code

  1. Outline view

Outline view hierarchically present and allows you to navigate to, all of the code elements and user interface in a file

Flex builder high level description with design mode enabled.

Flex builder high level description with source mode enabled.

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