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Adobe Flex: Introduction to Flex 3 – Part 1

In this part, we will learn the following:

  1. Understanding Adobe Flex

  2. Adobe Flex product line

  3. Flex Architecture

  4. Flex resources

Understanding Adobe Flex

Adobe Flex is a RIA User Interface Framework that enables us to develop Rich Internet Application quickly, resulting in high productivity and customer satisfaction.

Adobe Flex is a highly productive, free open source framework which is used for building expressive web applications. Adobe Flex deploy consistently on:

  1. All major browser leveraging the Flash Player

  2. And on desktop with Adobe AIR

Where is Flex Used?

How Flex works?

The backbone of flex is ActionScript 3 and MXML (Macromedia XML). MXML again is set of ActionScript classes which comprises of some built-in UI components like Datagrid, Treegrid, Menubar, chart and so on.

MXML is used for creating the User Interface and ActionScript is used for event handling, data management etc.

Once the MXML and ActionScript is created and compiled, it gets converted into swf file and hence to view the Flex application we need flash player supported browsers.

Flex enables…

Flex Architecture

Lets look at high level of flex architecture

Flex Resources

Flex tutorials http://www.tutorom.com/courses/460/Adobe-Flex-2-tutorials-Flex-2-programming-tutorials.htm

Documentations http://flex.org/ http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flex/

Flex component explorer http://examples.adobe.com/flex3/componentexplorer/explorer.html

Flex tutorial – Part 2 Topics

Flex Builder

  1. Understand the Flex builder and its workbenches

  2. Use Flex builder effectively for design, development and debugging

  3. Create a Flex Project

  4. Create, compile and run a Flex application

Go to part 2 of this tutorial

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