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Glassdoor requires CEO approval for all the reviews of its employees and ex-employees…does thi

Well reviews are more of individual feelings or experiences which the person might have had in the organization, which they share. Having a CEO or someone review or approve them doesn't sound like a good review system to me. For the CEO his/her company would always be the best and I dont agree to the point of they approve or disapprove to someone else's review. What is your opinion?

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My name is Shyamala pronounced as shaa-ma-la and I am a UX evangelist with 19 years of experience as a UX designer with hybrid skills of UI and UX. I have experience in UX and UI designing on both mobile and desktop applications and have been part of designing some award-winning mobile applications. 

I am a civil engineer by education and before moving into user experience I worked as an architect with a construction firm for 2 years. My passion for design and building great things for users pushed me into the UX domain. I am a self-made UX designer with no formal educational background into UX, but my passion helped me enter and succeed in user experience.