• Shyamala Prayaga

Mobile Accessibility – Challenges and Best Practices

Video recording of one of my talks in Meta Refresh 2013

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Mobile UI and Usability Guide

I gave a webinar on “Mobile UI and Usability Guide” which gave an overview of the Cross Platform Mobile User Interface and describes its essential parts. It covered UI Guidelines, Visual Design Guidel

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My name is Shyamala pronounced as shaa-ma-la. I am a UX evangelist turned product owner defining experiences and vision for autonomous digital assistants. 

I am a civil engineer by education, and before moving into user experience and product, I worked as an architect with a construction firm for 2 years. My passion for design and building great things for users pushed me into the UX speciality. I am a self-made UX designer with no formal educational background into UX, but my passion helped me enter and succeed in user experience.