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My latests passion

I have been in the field of user experience since 8.5 years by now and worked a lot on web technologies. My expertise lies in development and am a total novice in design.

Whenever I use to see professional icons and designs, I always use to appreciate them. Being a novice in design, I always loved design. I was always curious to know everything about designing, iconography, branding, color theory.

Normally people have the impression that developers cannot design and whenever I showed my interest in designing, many people told me the same. I took this as a challenge and thought, one day I will also design.

This interest of mine, generated a passion inside me to learn designing and I started gathering as much information as possible about designing.

2 days back I downloaded trial version of photoshop and started designing. I tried with designing small icons.

The first set of icons I developed is as follows. Though its not very professional and I know it needs some grooming, but I am happy that I was able to do some designing.

I showed this to my manager and colleagues and they were quite happy to see my design and encouraged my design. This generated more interest in me about designing and I tried some more design. This time I took help from one of the online tutorials and developed a book and this is what I came up with today.

Next I tried the following USB flash drive

After seeing the above design my colleagues liked it a lot. This is giving me more encouragement and I am falling in love with design.which



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My name is Shyamala pronounced as shaa-ma-la. I am a UX evangelist turned product owner defining experiences and vision for autonomous digital assistants. 

I am a civil engineer by education, and before moving into user experience and product, I worked as an architect with a construction firm for 2 years. My passion for design and building great things for users pushed me into the UX speciality. I am a self-made UX designer with no formal educational background into UX, but my passion helped me enter and succeed in user experience.