• Shyamala Prayaga

Which are the top 20 distinguished tech start-ups of India?

Answer by Manish Sharma:

Simple answer – none. Complicated answer – None. Indian entrepreneurs are not in the business of making a game changing product or having a great ethical team of founders. But if you are looking for some names who have been successful in making some VCs rich and some extremely poor – Flipkart, Makemytrip, Fashion And You, JustDial, iBibo, Bookmyshow etc. None of these companies have a sustainable business model or a business model that cannot be disrupted easily (if you had the money). If you are an entrepreneur and want to do business in India with Indian customers, you would have to think about a business that reaches out to 100 of millions of people in our country in all sorts of cities and towns and that credibly uses mobile (not a smart phone) as a medium of technology. If you can figure that out you would be the most successful tech founder ever.

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