I pitched and proposed the Amazon Fresh Personal Shopper idea in XBA Ideathon in 2014 which won the "People's choice award".

Amazon Fresh Personal Shopper

Where the Idea came from?

I am amazon fresh user and but everytime I plan to buy from fresh I have to plan well in advance to get the delivery slots needed. Sometimes due to the non avaiability of delivery slot, I chose different competitors like Instacart.


As I was diving deep into the problem and talking to other fresh users I identified this is a major problem. People want to buy from fresh but due to limitations have to giveup. 

This problem prompted me to think about participating in XBA Ideathon and picthing my idea. 



I identified and listed the problem in my pitch

I then explained how these limitations are enabling other competitors to grow and my solution to solve for the same.

How does this work?

I proposed a business model which will help to solve this issue and based on my research and analysis listed who we can target as personal shoppers.

Another big question was why would someone want to become a personal shopper for Amazon Fresh so I listed out the reason and benefits which can enable personal shoppers

Who would we source produces from?

The current fresh model is completely different and Amazon stores fresh produces and groceries in their fulfilment center. This was one of the reason for location limitation and fleets and delivery slots. 

I proposed partnering with food outlets, grocery stores, retail super markets etc globally to solve for this. 

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My name is Shyamala pronounced as shaa-ma-la. I am a UX evangelist turned product owner defining experiences and vision for autonomous digital assistants. 

I am a civil engineer by education, and before moving into user experience and product, I worked as an architect with a construction firm for 2 years. My passion for design and building great things for users pushed me into the UX speciality. I am a self-made UX designer with no formal educational background into UX, but my passion helped me enter and succeed in user experience.