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Xavier - VoiceBox Personal Assistance

VoiceBox Personal Assistance is voice-enabled assistance developed in 2016 using which people can listen to music, search for video, control their connected home, communicate with family and friends, and more.
I was responsible for leading and executing the end-to-end user experience and Voice user interface of the project. 


Andon Cord -Redesigned a Customer Support Tool

Andon Cord is a tool and process used by Amazon customer support associates to solve a problem beyond their capability. The Andon cord was designed by one of the customer care associates who struggled to get help from his supervisor using the traditional placard way.
Soon this became the heart of the support associates, and the team kept adding new features they wanted. This tool quickly became very cluttered and difficult to use. Andon Cord Redesign is my UX research and deep dive outcome, which turned into a full-blown project saving millions of dollars to Amazon.  ​
Andon Cord was designed for two platforms - for Web and SmartTV.

Amazon Neighbourhood Seller Tool

Amazon Neighbourhood Self Seller Tool
Amazon seller self service tool is a platform which helps to onboard local sellers, give them control to add/edit their business information, add brand and products information.

It is a mobile and web based application which was designed for local seller.

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