Close Calls: My Life of Unseen Miracles

Close Calls: My life of Unseeen Miracles is Shyamala's memoir about faith, miracles and hope. 

You will discover through Shyamala’s story of close calls that there is never a reason to quit. Learn to find laughter in your tears, beauty in your brokenness, and power in your pain. That is the blessing of life, but it is also the challenge of life. It takes a special eye to notice the unseen miracles that surround us.

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Emotionally Engaged Digital Assistant

Digital assistants are becoming at the forefront of everything in users’ life. They exist everywhere, right from residing in your living room to your cars. This space is becoming very crowded as every company is trying to build its variants of the digital assistant. If you look at the trends the utility dulls downs after a period of time.


 Shyamala's idea of writing the book “Emotionally Engaged Digital Assistant” was born when she saw the gap in digital assistants building an emotional connection with the users. In this book she talks about how we can make that connection by humanizing technology and design. 

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Humanizing Privacy

The world is driven by data and AI is becoming a need today to unleash the data potential. Privacy is a fundamental human right and this needs an understanding of data. Many products and companies fail to understand users and leverage UX principles to make privacy regulations easy for their customers to understand and consume. 


Humanizing Privacy is a design methodology for product teams and designers to bring the human element and relatable personality to the system to emotionally connect and make privacy private. This will help transform negative emotions into positive human emotions which helps build trust for success. 

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