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Awards and Recognition

Shyamala has been recognized and received various awards internally within the organization and externally in the tech industry.

I was recognized by CIO View Magazine as The 10 Most Influential Businesswomen to follow, 2023

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Project Voice Women Leaders of Conversational AI Poster Graphic (Class of 2023).jpg

I was awarded Women Leaders of Conversational AI, Class of 2023 along side 199 other women leaders for my work in Conversational AI and community.

I was named by Engati in the list of Top 30 LinkedIn Influencers who are making an impact on the business world and have a lot to bring to the table from tech & industry trends to business insights, and much more.

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I was recognized by Sixieme Son in honour of Women’s History Month, in six female trailblazers and thought-leaders at the forefront of the sound. 

I was named 10 Conversational AI Leaders you need to know in 2021 by Hyro. It was recognition for people that are charting the path ahead for the development and proliferation of this technology.

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I was awarded the "Voiceflow Growth Award" which is granted to an individual who champions designing for voice and who has positively impacted community growth and development through outreach and events.

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I was named Earnest Five by Witlingo for my contribution to the Conversational AI community.


I was named Top 40 Voice AI Influencers to follow by soundhound. The list includes 40 experts Soundhound recommends to keep up with the latest in voice AI news, trends, predictions, and successes. 

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